Find Your Flow State with Ascent Coffee

You know that sensation of being completely absorbed in what you're doing, and everything just clicks? Time dissolves, distractions vanish, and you feel unstoppable. It's that magical feeling when you're at your absolute best. In the mountains, on the water, and even at our computers, we strive for this flow state where we're in perfect sync with our skills and the challenge at hand, creating moments of brilliance. 

Our new coffee blend is inspired by that elusive, almost mystical state of mind where everything falls into place, our performance soars and boundaries between self and activity blur. 


Flow State Coffee Blend

In a cup, Flow State is a light roast with a sweet and floral profile. Hints of jasmine tea and lemons will deliver that magical feeling of invincibility and magnificence—or it might just give you the caffeine boost you need to put together a full sentence in the morning. The roast really begins to shine three to five days after the roast date and is best brewed with a filter or as a pour-over. 


Ten ways to achieve your flow state

"To me, that flow state in its most pure form is this moment where it's almost like everything slows down. You feel weightless. You feel like your vision is acute. You notice detail in this incredible way. It's in the moment where all odds are against you, suddenly it's like the clarity comes." —Tommy Caldwell


Achieving a flow state is a highly personal endeavour; however, there are some common themes:

  1. Define what you want to accomplish.
  2. Match challenge with skill.
  3. Eliminate distractions.
  4. Love what you're doing.
  5. Build a strong skill foundation.
  6. Push your boundaries.
  7. Manage stress for a clear mind.
  8. Savour every moment.
  9. Create a conducive space.
  10. Drink Ascent Coffee.


While achieving this state can be elusive and unpredictable, our coffee isn't. Pick up or order your bag of Flow State today, and unlock your full potential (or basic adulting skills) with every sip. 

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