Brewing Tips

Small-Batch & Freshly Roasted

Roasting coffee is equal parts science and art. Coffee beans from different regions of the world have very different flavor profiles. By carefully roasting the beans in small batches, we strive to bring out the unique taste notes of each coffee. By blending beans of different roast levels and origins, we highlight many interesting properties of different coffees, such as brightness, body, and unique fruit, spice, and caramel flavors.  

Coffee is at its best within one month of roasting, after which flavor and quality begin to degrade.

We source fairly traded, organic, and ecologically sensitive coffee beans.  We know that you will taste the difference in our fresh, locally roasted coffee! 

Brewing The Perfect Cup

Great coffee begins with great water. "Goldilocks" water is the ideal - not too hard and not too soft. Lightly filtered water is best (never distilled!)

Grind beans just before you brew.; coffee begins to degrade within 30 minutes of grinding. For optimum flavour, we recommend you consume coffee within 2 weeks 
of purchase date. 

French press, aero press, percolators and espresso machines are all preparations that don't filter out oils and body, which are important flavour characteristics. We recommend these brewing methods. If you're preparing filter/drip coffee, grind your coffee as finely as your machine will allow. 

Drink often.